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Cash monitoring tools for VTB Georgia

About the client

JSC VTB Bank (Georgia) is a part of the international financial VTB group, which includes more than 20 financial companies operating in all major segments of the financial market. The bank is distinguished by its innovative outlook on the development of services and offers consumers a wide range of modern banking products.

The implemented solution

VTB Bank ATMs were connected to the Cash Management.iQ platform. By the customer request, the report form was customized, daily notifications were set up in all ATMs for various parameters.

Displaying real-time information on each self-service device
Notifications on the real-time status of the objects
Filtering the list of self-service devices by various filters
Reducing the number of cash collections by an average of 30%
Balance report for all devices in the self-service device network
Cost reduction due to accurate cash demand forecast

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