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VTM.iQ: A Modern Approach To Customer Services

The Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (aka BS/2) company has launched VTM.iQ which is a new integrated solution for bank transactions, payments, insurance and other operations that offers a radically new approach to customer services. The solution is successfully used in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.


VTM.iQ includes a unique CuRiE terminal technology concept, a Diebold Nixdorf CS 6060 teller cash recycler as well as BS/2 specialized software.

According to Mr Daniel Fukson, BS/2 Business Development Manager, this solution is not just an additional customer service channel – but an entirely new technological approach to financial, insurance and other services. VTM.iQ offers an additional service channel, which is not only convenient and easy to use, but also useful for the bank. It allows to optimize and reduce bank branches‘ number and size, thus reducing maintenance costs and optimizing cash processes. Having installed VTM.iQ at bank branches, self-service centers, residential and commercial buildings, at airport and train station lounges, hotels and other places, banks get an opportunity to significantly expand the service area and be closer to their customers”, BS/2‘s Fukson says.

Implementation of this integrated solution allows clients to communicate and receive consultations from the bank remotely via video conference. The CuRiE terminal can print (in A4 format) papers, scan passports, ID‘s and fingerprints – and use electronic signature via e-signature encoding device. This allows not only to identify the customer, but also to make and sign a bank contract. The customer can also order and receive his or her bank card ready just in a few minutes.

VTM.iQ offers every conventional banking service: here you can check your account balance, receive the statement, pay loan fees or utilties, communications and transport bills, buy tickets, withdraw and deposit cash, replenish the account, make payments , block the card, change the PIN-code and so on. This perfect solution should impress those customers who are interested in the latest technological innovations. On the other hand, handicapped and disabled customers can get online support from the bank in order to make all necessary transactions.

VTM.iQ is integrated with the principal banking systems. It also meets the highest safety standards and is equipped with a high-definition video camera – as well as anti-skimming and encrypted PIN-pad software aimed to secure the equipment and to build customer loyalty.

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