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Cash Supply Chain Management consulting

Cash management is a complex goal that requires permanent efforts from banks and other organizations not only to maintain current operational processes, but to find potential optimization points. These points are personal for each company.

Accelerate your Cash Supply Chain Management evolution

BS/2 offers consulting services in the direction of cash supply chain management to provide the best-fit solution for each customer.

General consulting services

  • Assessment of the overall efficiency of cash supply chain management at bank branches, self-service devices and cash centers
  • Software and hardware analysis solutions for particular goals and KPIs
  • Review of risks associated with the implementation of new cash management solutions

Services linked with Cash Management.iQ

  • Calculation of the Cash Management.iQ ROI
  • Cash planning and cash distribution process optimization
  • Personnel training for specialized software
  • Cash Management.iQ software support & maintenance
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Our specialists

Parviz Azimi

Cash Supply Chain optimization expert

Parviz Azimi has been involved in cash management in the banking industry for over 20 years. From 2002 to 2019, he was in charge of the Treasury and Cash Operations Department in one of the largest banks in Azerbaijan. Parviz has over 5 years of experience with the Cash Management.iQ platform as a user.

Kirill Degtyarenko

Product Owner of Cash Management.iQ

Kirill Degtyarenko has been implementing projects to optimize cash processing for more than 10 years for financial institutions, cash collection services, and large retail chains. Kirill is in charge of the BS/2 Competence Center for Cash Efficiency.

Case studies

Optimization of Cash Supply Chain Management at Kapital Bank

Case study of Cash Management.iQ implementation at the largest financial institution of Azerbaijan driven by extremely high cost of cash.

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Cash monitoring tools for VTB Georgia

Case study of CashPoint Monitoring.iQ implementation for the VTB Georgia with the explanation how ATM cash status visualization gives value for day-to-day operations.

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Points of Optimization

Reducing the number of CIT visits

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Cost of Cash Optimization with Cash Forecasting Software

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ATM Cash Availability with Cash Monitoring System

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Excellence of Cash Supply Chain Management

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Does your company offer consultation on cash management processes?

Yes, BS/2 provides not only training services for operating the Cash Management.iQ platform but also provides consulting services to optimize cash supply processes for financial institutions, CIT, and other companies. Our specialists have vast experience as software developers, integrators, and end-users of the system.

Do you provide the solution in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model?

The SaaS model is available to all of our customers looking to minimize the initial investments to drive the Cash Management.iQ implementation. At the same time, data can be processed both in the BS/2 private cloud or on the customer's side.

Is it possible to connect the serviced merchants to the system?

At the moment, this feature is being actively developed by BS/2. Soon, the first versions of the personal web account for merchants will be presented. This helps responsible employees on the customer’s side to place orders for the cash and values transfer.

What tools does Cash Management.iQ use to protect sensitive data?

In order to maintain data security, the system provides additional role-based access management with the capability to restrict use or view for almost every element of the system. Changes to access rights are sent to the main system administrator for confirmation. In this case, all user actions in the system are logged. Also, customers can use the access control system of the corporate infrastructure based on Active Directory LDAP.

Is integration with the core banking system or a processing center required to work with Cash Management.iQ?

Not always. In some cases, we manage to solve the main part of the project goals without performing any integration with external systems. It significantly speeds up the implementation process and improves time-to-market. Still, Cash Management.iQ can be integrated with the external systems: core banking, processing, billing, and other to automate data processing.

What modules do system implementation usually start with?

Depending on the specifics of the customer's business processes, the set of Cash Management.iQ modules can be deeply customized. According to BS/2's experience, most banks and ATM operators pay attention to the CashPoint Monitoring.iQ module first. However, for the implementation of end-to-end cash supply chain management, all 5 modules are required as they enrich the system with special features.

What is the approximate accuracy of the Cash Management.iQ forecast in comparison with the real data?

As a rule, the average difference between the forecast and the actual data is no more than 5%. Thus, the cash manager can trust the data provided by the system. In addition, with a sufficient amount of historical data, the forecasting algorithm can be further improved.

Does Cash Management.iQ work with cash recycling systems?

The solution allows forecasting the demand for cash and planning cash replenishment of recycling ATMs, thanks to a special algorithm used for this type of device.

What self-service devices are supported by the system?

Cash Management.iQ is a multi-vendor platform and works with any type of ATM by Diebold Nixdorf, NCR, Hyosung, GRG and other vendors. Also, other self-service devices can be connected to the system, for example, payment kiosks, automated deposit machines, teller assisted units, etc.

Levan Bukhaidze

Head of Quality Control, Administration and Monitoring Department at VTB Bank (Georgia)

Irakli Lomidze

Head of Operational Support Department at TBC Bank (Georgia)

George Makatsaria

Head of Treasury Department at BasisBank (Georgia)

During the first two months of using CashPoint Monitoring.iQ, we were able to reach 25% of savings on rent of the cash. Besides, the solution allowed us to save internal resources (first of all, staff). In order to monitor and analyze cash supply chain using the Cash Management.iQ solution, one cash professional needs to work only for two hours a day.  

The bank receives information about cash balances at ATMs from the processing center. The frequency of data transmission can vary, but this information is not enough for the optimal cash distribution to ATMs and CIT planning. For these purposes, TBC Bank uses Cash Management.iQ solution.

Cash Management.iQ software solution provides us the information on cash balances in ATM’s in real time, which allows us to more accurately plan the time of cash collection and  cash optimal amount by ATM’s, as well as to reduce logistics costs.      

Solution delivery

Choose the best-fit set of modules and solution delivery format for your cash points networks.

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Return on investment

Estimate the approximate cost-saving effect from implementation of the solution.