Solution delivery

Improve the efficiency of your cash infrastructure with the tools your business needs

Manage your Cash Management.iQ implementation

Buy of on-premises solution
  • Absence of recurring payments
  • Maximum security for sensitive data
  • Ample opportunities for customization of the software
Rent of on-premises solution
  • Minimization of initial investment
  • Minimization of the size of regular payments
  • Relocation of IT resources to the system needs
Software-as-a-Service in BS/2 cloud
  • Minimization of solution implementation time
  • No need to administer the IT environment
  • Transparent and predictable payment OpEx scheme

Value-added functionality

Development of the standard capabilities of the platform for an even greater effect of implementation and increasing usability of the system.

  • Integrational works
  • Custom development

Consulting & support

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the cash infrastructure and creating an optimization plan based on the BS/2 experience.

  • Design of business processes
  • Training of your specialists

Your best fit scope of delivery

Select a few business goals that are most relevant to you and get a list of required Cash Management.iQ modules and additional services.

Required software modules & services

CashPoint Analytics.iQ – cash reporting module
CashPoint Monitoring.iQ – real–time cash monitoring
CIT.iQ – management of Cash-in-Transit operations
Vault.iQ – cash center management
Cash Order.iQ – cash service handling tools
Software development & integration
Cash Supply Chain Management consulting
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Levan Bukhaidze

Deputy Head of Retail Business Management Department, Basis Bank, Georgia

Irakli Lomidze

Head of Operational Support Department at TBC Bank (Georgia)

George Makatsaria

Head of Treasury Department at BasisBank (Georgia)

During the first two months of using CashPoint Monitoring.iQ, we were able to reach 25% of savings on rent of the cash. Besides, the solution allowed us to save internal resources (first of all, staff). In order to monitor and analyze cash supply chain using the Cash Management.iQ solution, one cash professional needs to work only for two hours a day.

The bank receives information about cash balances at ATMs from the processing center. The frequency of data transmission can vary, but this information is not enough for the optimal cash distribution to ATMs and CIT planning. For these purposes, TBC Bank uses Cash Management.iQ solution.

Cash Management.iQ software solution provides us the information on cash balances in ATM’s in real time, which allows us to more accurately plan the time of cash collection and  cash optimal amount by ATM’s, as well as to reduce logistics costs.