IN TOUCH Baltics Banking & Retail Technology Conference To Be Held in Riga

This October 5-6 Diebold Nixdorf together with its partners holds IN TOUCH Baltics banking and retail technology conference in Riga. This event takes place in various cities across Europe in order to discuss market issues and display technological novelties.


One of the conference‘s main objectives is to help banks and retailers to overcome the challenges related to the customers‘ changing needs as well as progress of digital sales channels and innovative solutions. According to experts, the future belongs to those who are able to exploit technological innovations and their benefits. The event will feature a report on the recycling technology benefits, outsourcing IT services advantages, mobile banking, security, and so on.

Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (aka BS/2) which is the conference‘s main sponsor and Diebold Nixdorf golden partner will share its long-term experience and display its products. The company‘s experts will make reports offring to learn more about Cash Management.iQ solution capabilities and introduce the new VTM.iQ complex.

The event will bring together bankers and retailers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Moldova.

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