New features

Cash Management.iQ Cash Flow Management Solution Updated

The requirements of end-users as well as customized solutions market influenced the development of Cash Management.iQ software. As a result, the DataCollector module for collecting and processing data between cashflow facilities (ATMs, bank branches, payment terminals, storage facilities, etc.) was fundamentally redesigned. Also, modern Microsoft data processing technologies helped to increase the processing speed and provide a more robust data collection and transmission.


The following new system features should be highlighted:

  • Ability to design and control orders to transport any valuables (gold, securities, etc.).
  • Ability to design and control orders to transport cash and valuables from private entities (stores, gas stations, etc.).
  • Ability to deal with overnight cash balance.
  • Worn notes accounting and control.

New Cash Management.iQ features have expanded the system‘s performance regarding automation of work processes with cash and other valuables.

This allows to further reduce the transaction time and increase the efficiency of cash logistics, cash management and CIT services.

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