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Cash Management.iQ Mobile Application: A New Opportunity To Control Cash Collection Performance

Cash Management.iQ is a complex software solution for CIT and Cash Flow optimization. Cash Management.iQ can help manage CIT personnel with real-time cash collector activity monitoring. Now banks can record each step taken by the armored service while collecting cash using a mobile device (mobile phone, portable or stationary QR code scanners).


How Does It Work?

Within the framework of the cash collection order, the cashier prepares cash (cassettes or bags) and prints the corresponding supporting document, automatically generated in the Cash Management.iQ system. This document contains QR code with information about the order.

The system records the following data.

  1. Cash bags or ATM cassettes seals numbers.
  2. Money bags, containers or ATM cassettes unique numbers.
  3. Responsible cashier and collector IDs.

This document is attached to the bag or cassettes. The cashier and cash collector both sign this document, then the cash collector scans a QR code with a mobile device. Thus, the Cash Management.iQ system records the cash transfer to the collector, and the order information appears in his application.

The next stage is the money delivery. The Cash Management.iQ system can help track the activity of each step in the cash collection and delivery process: from changing cassettes, handing over cash from one employee to another, receiving cash and much more. All essential activities in the Cash Management.iQ system can be recorded using mobile devices, helping save time and efficiently track the entire process.

The system also saves all order history, which can be checked using the application.

Advantages of Using a Mobile Device

  • ensuring the cash collection process transparency
  • real time order performance control
  • automated creation of accompanying documentation
  • workflow simplification

Cash Management.iQ for cash flow management

The Cash Management.iQ software platform is developed for optimizing the cash cycle at payment points. The solution allows users to automate the operational processes and workflow associated with placing cash replenishment orders, and to optimize CIT routes.

To learn more about the Cash Management software product, its capabilities and the new mobile application for collectors, contact BS/2 representatives.

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