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Cash Management.iQ and S&G’s A-Series ATM Lock Systems. Manage CIT access to ATMs and other terminal devices

Automating the process of assigning tasks and providing relevant access to CIT personnel is one of the most useful ways in increasing the overall efficiency of the cash flow process. BS/2 was able to implement these features into it’s Cash Management.iQ system while finalizing the main phase of the integration process of the Cash Management.iQ platform with the A-Series access control solution from Sargent & Greenleaf.


Why is this convenient?

Now generation and distribution of access codes to A-Series electronic locks installed on terminal safes has become a part of the cash collection order assignment in the Cash Management.iQ system. When creating a cash replenishment order, the Cash Management.iQ system automatically generates a unique one-time code to open the safe door. The code is then added to the CIT route document and sent to the collector in charge.

Each one-time code has a time-window for the duration of which it can be used. This reduces the risks of internal fraud because the code cannot be used after the time is up.

To get access to the safe of an ATM, payment kiosk, or another self-service device, the collector uses the generated code and his electronic key (iButton) which logs all CIT-operator actions.

Thus, the A-Series solution eliminates the need for standard security locks.

Benefits of Cash Management.iQ and A-Series Solutions Integration

  • Provide a higher level of ATM security during cash collection using the one-time single use codes.
  • Simplify the work of the employee responsible for cash collection management.
  • Accelerate the cash collection process by enabling collectors to spends less time at terminals.
  • Reduce operating costs associated with the management of mechanical keys.
  • Provide a more flexible approach to partial or full outsourcing of the cash collection service.
  • Use advanced features of electronic locks (alarm combinations, logging operations on the lock and key, etc.).

Note, that the use of electronic locks and the automatic generation of access codes are important conditions of the CIT services smooth work during the quarantine. Collectors do not need to receive physical keys, therefore, the possibility of COVID-19 virus transmission this way is eliminated, and the number of person-to-person contact is also reduced.

Cash Management.iQ Solution for Cash Flow Management

The Cash Management.iQ software platform was developed to provide optimal cash distribution at terminal cash points and cash handling centers. The solution allows banks and processing centers to automate their operational processes and document workflows associated with cash circulation.

S&G A-Series™ Electronic Safe Locks with one-time code support

The A-Series™ system is an excellent global solution developed for ATM access management. The A-Series™ combines state-of-the-art access control software with time-proven S&G lock manufacturing technology to provide ATM manufacturers, banks and CIT vehicle companies with streamlined, simplified, and secure ATM management.

To learn more about the Cash Management.iQ software product new features and the A-Series electronic lock system, please, contact your BS/2 representatives.

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