BS/2 Hosted a Webinar on Cash Management Issues

The webinar “Cash Management.iQ – an Innovative Approach for Cash Circulation Optimization”, dedicated to the problems of organizing cash circulation and ways to solve them, was held on March 9-10 at the BS/2 Competence Center. During the webinar, BS/2 specialists talked about how modern software solutions can help organize and optimize daily cash distribution processes in the infrastructure of a financial institution. The webinar was held in English (March 9) and Russian (March 10).


“In our practice, we regularly encounter difficulties in organizing cash management that financial institutions all over the world face,” says Kirill Ovsyannikov, Deputy CEO for Strategic Directions Development at BS/2. – “The most common of them – ensuring the availability of cash in the ATM network, reducing the money supply in use, reducing the number of CIT visits, automating cash management processes – are the basis for optimizing the activities of financial institutions. The past year also made some adjustments, showing how important it is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the self-service channel and providing all cash points with cash in the required amounts. And there is more than enough work both for us and our partners in this direction. ”

Modern software solutions allow financial institutions not only to optimize their work processes for providing self-service devices with cash but also to significantly reduce the cost of raising cash and collecting cashpoints. One of such solutions is the Cash Management.iQ software platform.

The Cash Management.iQ software platform was developed specifically for banks and CIT service companies. It considers the specific features of the infrastructure of a financial institution, provides tools for analyzing cash flows, and solves the problem of optimal distribution of cash at cashpoints.

The platform has successfully proven itself, and today it is one of the most popular cash management solutions on the market. In 2020 alone, more than 1,000 Cash Management.iQ licenses were installed. In total, today about 5,000 self-service devices use it. Considering the growing interest in the platform from financial institutions, in 2020 BS/2 released a new version of this product, making it even more user-friendly.

The link to the recording of the webinar can be obtained by sending a request to the BS/2 representatives.

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