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Cash Management.iQ Revolution. Replatforming of Cash Circulation Optimization System

Over the past year, BS/2 has been actively migrating its software products to a modern IT stack. The goals of the .iQ family solutions re-platforming are to increase the performance and stability of the systems, the security of storage and processing of sensitive data of banking institutions, and to improve the usability of the systems.


“In recent years, the pace of development of technologies used in the banking industry has reached its peak. Banks that traditionally take a moderate or even conservative position are increasingly following the principles of digital transformation, because they are in a highly competitive environment when they offer modern banking products. The efficiency of a financial institution’s operating activities directly depends on how modern the main tools and IT solutions it uses are,” says Kirill Ovsiannikov, Deputy CEO for Strategic Directions at BS/2.

The first product that was completely transferred to new technologies was the Cash Management.iQ solution, which is used by banks, CIT-service companies, and other institutions to optimize cash circulation, plan the distribution of cash in the network, optimize the processes of cash points replenishment and automate cash balancing at the end of the working day.

The experience of developing the Cash Management.iQ solution and the wishes of financial institutions that have been using the system since 2005 allowed BS/2 specialists to change the user interface as efficiently as possible and implement the latest UI/UX standards.

What New Features Does the Cash Management.iQ System Offer to Its Users?

1. More Ergonomic and Flexible User Interface

The new user interface, built in React, is now even simpler and more intuitive. The introduction of new standards made it possible to increase the level of ergonomics of the system so that the specialists of cash departments could perform their work as efficiently as possible, even during increasing workloads.

Also now the solution interface can be easily adapted to the specific requirements and business processes of the company to organize the optimal work of the system operator.

2. Comprehensive Operational Analytics Tools

The capabilities of the CashPoint Analytics.iQ functional module have been expanded. This module allows users to receive various operational reports and graphs that reflect the efficiency of cash distribution in the institution’s infrastructure. The ability to implement new graphics required by a specific customer has been added.

3. More Convenient Processes for Organizing the Delivery of Valuables

The part of the system responsible for managing the delivery of valuables has been improved. Now, when managing a cash or valuables delivery order the operator can also manage such objects as bags, sets of cassettes, etc. This simplifies the process of control and accounting of material and technical values used during CIT collection.

The transfer of current users of the system to the new version of Cash Management.iQ will be carried out in stages during 2021.

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