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New Cash Management.iQ Simulation Tool

One of the most demandable requirements for intelligent cash management is flexible system setup. The desired outcome being optimal cashpoint replenishment during CIT operations.


To enhance the user experience of bank employees operating the Cash Management.iQBS/2 has developed a specific simulation tool – CIT Simulator.

The simulation environment allows:

  • Making cash flow forecast for a set timeframe of each cashpoint with currency and denomination precision;
  • Evaluating cash management efficiency. The comparison is visualized with graphs or exact statistics;
  • Predicting dates when replenishment might be needed with cashpoint precision;
  • Determining the necessary replenishment amount based on CIT operational costs;
  • Calculating CIT operation and fund supervision expenses for each individual case.

To predict cash flow specifics, CIT Simulator uses historical data that is collected for ATMs, payment kiosks and bank branches over a set period of time.

Simulation variables:

  • Simulation start date;
  • Accountable history period;
  • Forecast period;
  • Money expenses;
  • CIT expenses
  • CIT visits regularity;
  • Possible number of CIT operations per day;
  • Lower cash limit;
  • Average amount of cash returns.

Thus, bank officers responsible for replenishment planning are provided with an efficient tool to evaluate and improve their work. It saves hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for financial institutions or CIT companies.

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